We deliver Revenue Management Services in differentiated ways:

  • WITH: data led, web-based Strategy Calls delivered either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Our most common call plan is the bi-weekly program (valued at $855 per month), ideal for hotels between 50 and 215+ rooms in Urban and Suburban locations. This is also a highly effective program for Extended Stay hotels.
  • WITH: ‘Report-Only’ services – delivered via email weekly or twice weekly – which can be branded with the logo of your Management Company. A common struggle for many third party management companies with their own revenue management teams is their ability to view data in the same format across all brands. Our Report Service solves this issue while also combining the individual hotel data into a comprehensive weekly ‘Portfolio Overview’ for leadership.
  • WITH: Organizational Consulting on Total Revenue Management. Our projects can vary from basic Revenue Management efficiency assessments to complex organizational restructuring encompassing all aspects of ‘Total Revenue Management’. The discipline of Revenue Management has evolved well beyond the premise of Rooms Revenue, now encompassing Food & Beverage Outlets, Banquets & Catering, and a host of other ‘Ancillary’ revenue streams such as Parking and Internet Access Fees where possible.

  • Our PRICING is very reasonable. Our Strategic Call Services range from $435 (one call per month); $855 (bi-weekly call – two to three calls per month); to $1,375 (four calls per month). Our weekly Report-Only Services are valued at $225 per month. Our Consulting Services are individually tailored and priced based on client needs.
  • Our services and report delivery includes: Property Management System data; On-Demand Competitive Pricing Data; Web Presence – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Results; On-Line Travel Agencies (OTA) Analysis; Guest Comment Review; & Competitive Set analysis. With data extracted from our hotels Property Management Systems, we provide analysis on Reservation activity such as Pace and pick up, for inventory management, price point analysis and RevPAR optimization. Major segment and sub-segment details are reported and monitored to provide optimal pricing and positioning guidance.
  • Analysis of Smith Travel Research (STR) reports is also embedded into our reporting to strengthen recommendations with Share Gain from historical performance as our directional guide.

The core of our services is the “Strategy-Rx” report …

The core of our weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly web-based service – and our Report-Only service is the proprietary StrategyRx report. This highly intuitive and easy to navigate file combines the property management system data with the competitive pricing, web presence, guest comment, on-line travel agency and competitive set analysis data we source from Hotel Compete.

The power of these two data sets is unparalleled in the Revenue management field. The combination of this data along with the vast experience of our property dedicated staff, represents the unique advantage of our services.